Ominocity’s Saskatoon Valentine’s Day Love Guide

Stuck for date ideas this Valentine’s Day? Monster truck rally!

Ah, to be in love. But unfortunately love is associated with pressure, hurt feelings, unnecessary expenditures and anxieties that go all the way up.

So why not wrap up those feelings in a neat little package and call it Valentine’s Day, an occasion that leaves even the best of us scrambling to perform some immaculate feat of affection whether we are attached or single.


Like revenge, romance is a dish best served cold – ever smooch a piece of pizza while leaning out the window of a speeding bus in the middle of winter?

Apparently finding true love is as easy as ordering in a pizza; True love is pizza.

But once you’re done stuffing your craw, here are a few other things to check out in Saskatoon this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Credit Union Centre: Monster Truck Challenge

Is there anything more thrilling or sexy than a motorsports spectacular? If a demolition derby doesn’t get your proverbial motor revving, then maybe some radical jumps will get your heart-a-flutter.

Seriously, Monster Truck Challenge is possibly the best date bait in town – think stadium popcorn, buttery fingers and a sneaky flask of whiskey consumed in the nosebleed rows…

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Rock Bottom: Half Chance Heroes, Nodding Donkey and more

Punk rock Valentine’s Day, more romantic than sharing a dumpster full of half-expired soy nog.

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Amigos: We Were Lovers and Economics

Apparently We Were Lovers are giving the first 50 people through the doors a free copy of their album Pyramids. Which is handy considering how many people will forget to buy their special someone anything. Leave it to a local indie band to one up everyone on love day. Sigh.

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Vangelis: Bass Invaders

Billed as “Eddie Van Halen of the bass guitar meets electric accordion, classical violin, guitar riffs and latin percussion”, I could totally envision this band melting some underwear. Bring a date here at your own risk.

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Tequila Nightclub: Disco Ninjas

In order to get your date properly lubed up for the evening, Tequila is offering bottles of champagne for $40. Admittedly, we’ve never purchased a bottle of champagne at a nightclub, so we aren’t sure if this is a good deal or not. But we are in the mood for something with bubbles!

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O’Brians Event Centre/Odeon: Passa Passa/DJ Cruss

Dance until you droop. Or don’t.

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– Featured photo from Flickr user “JD Hancock” – Creative Commons.