Exploring Saskatchewan Ghost Towns via Google Street View: Photo Gallery

Google Street View is a really good tool for virtual tourists, creeps

Call it virtual tourism, voyeurism or just plain ol’ being a creep, but Google Street View is an excellent way to explore Saskatchewan ghost towns.

With the recent announcement that more than 70 Parks Canada locations can now be explored online, virtual tours are becoming more prevalent. Especially for those of us craving adventure from inside the cubicle.

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t captured a ton of ghost towns. Yet. A lot of the sites listed on Wikipedia tend to be in out of the way, rural areas – I suppose there is a reason that these places were abandoned. Even so, it would be great if Google could start sending their team to northern locales – some of us would love to take a virtual tour of places like Uranium City.

Below is a collection of Street View images taken of various Saskatchewan ghost towns (and a few ghost houses):

Bank End 1
Bank End 2
Bank End, Saskatchewan
Neidpath, Saskatchewan
Valjean, Saskatchewan
Ruthilda, Saskatchewan
verwood 1
verwood 2
Verwood, Saskatchewan
Claydon, Saskatchewan
forget 1
forget 2
Forget, Saskatchewan
Vidora, Saskatchewan
trossachs 1
trossachs 2
Trossachs, Saskatchewan
Oungre 1
Oungre 2
Oungre, Saskatchewan
Kayville 1
Kayville 2
Kayville, Saskatchewan

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