Carbon Dating Service - Photo courtesy of Flickr user “Scott Woods-Fehr” – Creative Commons.

Carbon Dating Service reunite to play Amigos Cantina 25th anniversary show

Anniversary show to take place on Friday, November 22

Amigos Cantina has unveiled the details of their upcoming 25th anniversary show on Friday, November 22. And it’s a doozy.

The show will see a reunited Carbon Dating Service take to the stage along with Maybe Smith, Golden Smoke, The Fjords and the Junior Pantherz.


While Carbon Dating Service more or less broke up in 2009, drummer Jim Ginther says that the group is excited to be back together.

“Amigos is a local institution as well as one of the best venues in Canada,” says Ginther. “It is where we played our first show and where we will play our last. It definitely helped us develop our sound and refine our live show but deep down, we’re all just looking for an excuse to get properly hammered together this time around.

“We’re all still great friends so we’ve never ruled out playing another show but there’s been at least a couple members living elsewhere.”

Brian Cochrane will be coming in from Vancouver and Steve Reed will be flying in from Whitehorse for the show, which will double as a benefit for the Crisis Nursery.

Carbon Dating Service’s most recent album, Reliquiae, is a prodigious collection of pop harmonies that wind themselves into knots – the fun part is listening to see if the members ever find a way out of the clever corners they paint themselves in. Usually they do not, which is actually the best part.

But despite the band’s reunion, Ginther says the event won’t be triggering any new material.

“No new songs, one shot deal all the way,” says Ginther. “The songwriting in Carbon Dating Service may have always been questionable but I’ll still stand by how fun the live show is.

“For us, at least.”

Can we start a petition for the band to bring back those costumes?

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You can download Reliquiae by Carbon Dating Service HERE.

Ominocity is a proud sponsor of Amigos’ 25th Anniversary – check back on Monday for more show announcements.

-Photos from Flickr user “Scott Woods-Fehr” – Creative Commons.