Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: Insinger: Photo Essay

Despite being a ghost town, Insinger, SK. is weirdly cheerful

For a ghost town, Insinger, Saskatchewan is by far the least creepy ghost town we’ve ever seen.

Located on Highway 16 between Foam Lake and Yorkton, the first sight of the town is an old but beautiful Ukrainian Church that stands just off the roadway. The door, of course, is boarded up. But there is still a working post office however, and it looks adorable.

The vast majority of the houses, despite the fact that they are literally toppling over, still retain their vivid colours. It’s an oddly beautiful sight.

In fact, I would conjecture that Insinger is the Disneyland of Saskatchewan ghost towns.

Except it’s probably more exciting than Disneyland.

Insinger 4
Isinger 5Insinger 6
Insinger 3
Insinger 2
Insinger 7
Insinger 8
Insinger 1

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