Jeans Boots Releases Single Off New EP: Download

Sask. songwriter reveals song in advance of playing Winnipeg festival

Jeans Boots, the fuzzed-out indie rock project of Jeanette Stewart, has dropped a track from their upcoming EP, the oddly titled Z0RG C1TY.

Editor’s Note – “Zorg” is a Dutch word that translates to “aid” or “care”. Not sure if that’s what’s going on here though.

The track, entitled “No Poet”, is co-credited to Regina’s bard of brood Andy Shauf, and is appropriately angsty. In the most glorious, sludge-y way of course.

The track comes in advance of Jeans Boots’ appearance at Big Fun Festival, which is set to take over downtown Winnipeg this weekend, Jan. 24-27.

Check it.