Ominocity’s Holiday Gift Guide

How to finish your Christmas shopping without leaving the house!

We’d all love to be able to shower our friends and family in awesome gifts but few of us have the money to do so or the desire to step one foot in a mall during the holidays. The following are a few things that we’re obsessed with that we think would make great inexpensive gifts for those on your shopping list (or a much needed gift to yourself). All can be purchased from the comfort and safety of your home, because well, leaving the house sucks.

CanvasPop Instagram Prints

Everyone fucking loves Instagram. Yes, even I’m guilty of posting pictures of my food and chasing around my cat all day to try to catch her doing something adorably cute. After years of ‘gramming there’s bound to be a photo you’ve taken that has gotten so many likes that you’d love to blow it up and hang it on your wall for all to admire. I’ve personally used CanvasPop to print two of my favourite Instagram photos on canvas to hang as pieces of art on my walls. The quality is impressive and prices start at $39.95 for a 12″x12″. Better yet, with each order they gave me a $30 gift card so I scored my second print for only $10! Now feel free to admire my cat and a photo of my band’s final performance…

CanvasPop Instagram Prints

Blik Vinyl Wall Decals

If Instagram prints aren’t enough, you can jazz up your home with an array of vinyl wall decals from Blik. Everything from nerdy Nintendo characters to hip Threadless designs can adorn your walls. Prices typically range from $25-$100 based on size and complexity. Pro tip: If you order a giant piece like the one I purchased below, have a friend help you hang it so you don’t accidentally end up stuck to your wall. Live and learn.

Blik Vinyl Wall Decal

Rdio Music Streaming Service

If we’ve ever had a conversation, you’ve probably heard me rant about how Rdio is like the best thing ever. If you aren’t familiar with Rdio, it’s basically Netflix for music, but actually super awesome. $9.99/month gets you unlimited streaming of their library of 18 million songs. They have apps for pretty much every phone on the planet and a great selection for indie music fans. Trust me, Rdio is way better than wasting your time trying to find albums to download from the depths of the Internet.

Rdio Music Streaming

iPhone Apps

With apps typically costing only a buck or two, they make for a great stocking stuffer and can be gifted to your friends directly through iTunes. We all spend so much time on our phones so why stop now?

Scrabble – Alright, this game has been out since the birth of the iPhone, but it’s honestly the only game that I still play each and every day. Angry Birds and Draw Something may have been fun for a while, but who actually still plays those? If someone you know doesn’t have this game, buy it for them! Scrabble will only set you back $1.99.

(If you must have something new to play, the episodic Walking Dead adventure game for $4.99 is killer!)

Tweetbot – If you’re one to frequent Tweetups, use hashtags and have hundreds of followers, this is the Twitter app for you! At $2.99, Tweetbot is the absolute best Twitter client available for the iPhone.

Air Video – For $2.99 this app allows you to stream all of the movies you downloaded from the depths of the Internet from your computer to your iPhone or iPad. Better yet, buy an Apple TV and use AirPlay to play them on the big screen. It plays 720p MKV movie files over Wifi flawlessly.

Have any suggestions? We’d love to hear what you’re obsessed with that would make for a great holiday gift!