LOUD on Planet X Review: Canadian Indie Rock Gets Its Game On

What do you get when you cross Rock Band with Plants vs. Zombies? A video game with a lineup of bands better than all of this year’s summer music festivals combined.

Those damn space aliens are at it again and this time they have their sights set on our nation’s greatest natural resource: Our indie rock scene. But don’t fret fellow hipster, Canada’s biggest bands are fighting back the one way they know how, with face melting guitar solos, killer vocal harmonies and, in the case of wonder twins Tegan and Sara, perfectly manicured haircuts.

Pop Sandbox’s LOUD on Planet X is part tower defence and part rhythm game. As bands like Metric, Purity Ring and Fucked Up rock out on stage you tap along to the beat and blast alien hordes with a dose of rock and roll. Aliens swarm in through one of four lanes and a successful tap to the beat will send a blast of sonic waves at the baddies.

Miss the beat, however, and you may have signed off on Emily Haines’ untimely demise. Doh.

The gameplay can get pretty hectic, but there are a number of power-ups like bouncers, photographers and fog machines that will keep the aliens at bay. Fill up your LOUD meter to make your singer do some super sweet dance moves that destroys all aliens on screen. Just like in real life!

LOUD on Planet X

LOUD on Planet X’s art style and soundtrack is amazing but its game play is a touch simple and repetitive. The game could have used some story, a better introductory tutorial and more useful power-ups, but for indie music fans LOUD on Planet X is incredibly charming and a must buy. If you’re not into rocking out with July Talk, Chvrches and Cadence Weapon you may want to stick to Plants vs. Zombies for more in-depth gameplay, but who isn’t sick of that game by now?

Also, I seriously hope that there are aliens out there that look like giant, multi-eyed wieners that thrash like fish out of water. Sooooo cute. There’s also some pink aliens that kind of look like pizza, so there’s that too.

LOUD on Planet X will keep you rocking for at least several hours for $5.49CAD on iOS/Android and $7.99CAD on PS4, PC and Mac.

Loud on Planet X