Ghost Town, Saskatchewan: Alvena: Photo Essay

Alvena, SK – a ghost town on the mend?

UPDATE: Story changed to reflect new information!

Mere minutes north of Smuts – one of Saskatchewan’s most notorious ghost towns, Alvena is a portrait of a community in decline.

Or not, according to our readers.

Several of the abandoned buildings have been left to rot to the elements, with the doors left open and the windows left broken. The “beverage room” has seen it’s last last call. And the billiards hall/barber has long closed shop.

However, apparently the house I thought was closing shop is actually moving in. Sorry about that, but on that particular day there wasn’t anybody around to ask.

Apparently there is some hope for Alvena, SK, population 55. Glad to hear it.

Alvena 7
Alvena 2
Alvena 5

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