Park(ing) Day Car

Sending out a big thank you for Park(ing) Day

Wow! Park(ing) Day was amazing. The streets were consistently filled with hundreds of people throughout the entire day and it really kicked off into quite the party in the evening.

We would like to say thank you and give a huge hug to everyone who donated their time and efforts to make such a special day possible.

So thank you Carrie Catherine and Curtis Olson for doing such an amazing job organizing the event and to Rory Borealis, Karpinka Brothers, Muse & the Buffoon, Caila Ellerman, Chad Reynolds, Fountains of Youth, Arms Up, 911 Turbo, Kay the Aquanaut, Myles and the Blanks, Aaron Adair, John Antoniuk, Wooden Reverie and Misterfire for gracing us with their talents.

We hope everyone had an amazing time. Look forward to a heap of photos and videos from the event coming this week!