Ominocity quoted in Dutch newspaper

Saskatoon blog quoted in column after posting review on Netherlands festival

You know you’ve hit the big time when a Dutch newspaper columnist makes fun of you.

Ominocity recently posted a review on Incubate, a festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. The review touched upon the architecture of the city, in comparison to Saskatoon, as a host to an urban, multi-venue festival.

However, a local writer seems to have taken exception to what we wrote. And conjectures on how drunk we got.

In response to Ominocity’s review on Incubate, columnist and all-around curmudgeon Ben Ackermans says, “You get curious about the number of pills or the quantity of Tripels [sic] the author had consumed.”

I’m a little curious about that too.

According to Ominocity’s translator and good friend, “Tilburg is seen both in the Netherlands as by many locals as an ugly duckling. Praise of the city’s qualities are usually frowned upon heavily… many people can’t imagine anyone liking the city at all. Also Dutch people are not used to travelling distances: Amsterdam is, by our standards, not close to Amsterdam.”

Apparently Mr. Ackermans needs to learn how to take a compliment. But to be fair I did have more than a few “Tripels”.

Below is a photo of the newspaper column and a complete translation as well as a video of Slow Down Molasses playing the Incubate Festival. Thanks much again to Frans for the translations and for hosting us in Tilburg.

Chris Morin, writer for the website Ominocity and guitar-player of the band Slow Down, Molasses, describes the railroad system as a light rail connecting all parts of town. On his walks through the city center he also observes locals ‘ numbly chewing on Rundvleeskroket from the wall.[…] Beforementioned Chris Morin situates Tilburg ‘near Amsterdam’. But hey, he’s from Canada, the city of Saskatoon to be precise. About the same number of inhabitants, many students, lively nightlife. “Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end.” He praises the pedestrian-only squares and streets that are situated through the city ‘like canals’, and are surrounded by shops, bars and life-music places. “And the all-present bicycle lawns are beautiful simply for the fact that they exist, let alone they are crowded by people that are completely breathtaking.” You get curious about the number of pills or the quantity of Tripels the author had consumed. But anyway, he’s not the only one. See John Doran, on the website Vice: “I think that many people could take an example of Tilburg. It is a new city that simply works. It’s always clean. Handsome men and hot women cycling everywhere.” Need any ambassadors?