little criminals

Little Criminals: Download of the Week

Saskatoon folk-duo release online single, crush hearts

There is a strong lesson to be learned when drinking on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson that is oft repeated.

A few weeks ago, I ventured down to Lepps, Saskatoon’s newest live music venue, for a show featuring a line-up of local and touring groups that I had been looking forward to seeing for some time.

Unfortunately, despite being synonymous with fun, the summer season is also paired up with forgoing supper for cheap cans of watery beer. Which is also synonymous with fun.

Lesson learned: Do not expect to have fun at a show with a stomach full of Brewhouse and unresolved, bear-like hunger.

However, despite leaving far too early, I did manage to catch most of Little Criminals, who piqued my curiosity and tugged at my heartstrings despite my stomach’s theatrics. The duo featured lithe instrumentation and soft, meandering vocals.

I greatly look forward to seeing them again, hopefully on a full stomach.