Sask Music Festivals of the Past Decade: Reader’s Choice

Almost a decade old, 306FEST brought together bands and naked dancing guys

Editor’s Note – This article is part of our all-week coverage on festivals in Saskatchewan that promote local music. Check back for more coverage, including a preview of Saskatoon’s Mazz Fest!

306FEST – Saskatoon, 2003 & 2005

Running a website is easy. Organizing a music festival is a bitch.

Back in the heyday of the Threeohsix.org message boards we organized two music festivals that paired dozens of local punk/indie/metal bands with touring acts like Greg MacPherson, Despistado and You Say Party! We Say Die!.

While most of my time was spent back stage worrying about having financed the festivals using my student loans, thankfully both festivals were a success and I was able to chug back enough beers to not care that there were naked dudes dancing on stage or that YSP!WSD! sprayed every inch of the dressing room with beer.

Promoter stress aside, 306FEST allowed us to bring the tight-knit community we had built online into the real world for a few wild nights.

Photo liberated from Punkoryan.com.