Father Figures now known as Castle River

Local indie rock duo unveils new name during CBC showcase

Saskatoon’s Father Figures have changed their name to… ta da! Castle River.

The announcement came during the duo’s show at the CBC On A Cold Road showcase at the Broadway Theatre on March 10.

Ominocity caught up with the newly christened Castle River on their name moniker.

OMINOCITY: So why the name change? Legal action? Better idea? Not yet fathers?

CASTLE RIVER: The sound that was Father Figures in the beginning has drastically changed as naturally as that of the seasons. So to adapt and facilitate our creative change we decided doing so with a clean slate, a new name, the start of a new a identity.

OM: What can fans look forward to in the future besides the new moniker? New recording?

CR: We are spending our days secluded in our rehearsal space, writing and experimenting, new songs are definitely on the horizon, as well as a website, videos, and a fall tour in the works.