Contribute to Ominocity

Local blog seeks contributors

After celebrating one whole year of existence, Ominocity would like to put out the call once again for contributors, volunteers and anyone who feels like they have something reasonable to say.


Good question…

We reach hundreds of people every day and are fueled by a desire to say something original, glib or essentially whatever we feel like without the pressure of selling anything but our ideas and ourselves. We want people to be able to utilize a community-driven website as their own vehicle. Sit shotgun or take the wheel, we are always looking for someone else to steer while we stretch.

What are we looking for?

Reviews, videos, photos, interviews, articles, attitude, recipes, downloads, mixtapes, art, secrets, news, treasure maps, binary code and beers.

Or anything else you dare to contribute. If you haven’t noticed by now, we will post almost anything. Duh.


Aside from having your ideas published on a high-traffic local website, Ominocity gives out special secret privileges that only contributors will ever know about – plus you will get the occasional beer, show ticket or press pass. Also, we give glowing words of encouragement to potential employers in case you are stuck for a reference.


Check out our handy Contact page for instructions so simple that even a chimp could reach us.

Talk soon.