Jumbo Release self-titled EP: Download of the Week

Behemoth heathens of Weird Rock bring the heaviosity to Saskatoon

Jumbo, a local four-piece stoner rock jam band, have released their debut self-titled EP. And it’s some trippy jams for sure.

jumbo album

Exuding a fat ’90s stoner vibe – think Man’s Ruin Records – the group combines organ lines along with plenty of tripped out guitar buggery and sludgy, crunky bass lines.

Although the group began as a two-piece, Jumbo’s line-up has since expanded along with their sound, says drummer Dylan Cooper.

“We saw the word Jumbo one day and loved it,” says Cooper. “It’s such a catchy word. It really fit our style of music. Big and Jumbo.

“We play quite a few open mic’s because we are always pumping out new jams and can’t wait until the next time to play them,” he continues. “As for upcoming shows we just got out of recording our first sampler so we will be playing around Sasaktoon soon. Every jam we pump out at least one new song so we are looking to get into the studio sometime soon to make a full-length.”

More blissed-out dog artwork please.