Close Talker are completely killing it with Timbers: Review

Saskatoon band Competes in CBC Searchlight’s National Long List

Close Talker, a Saskatoon indie rock four-piece, are kind of becoming a thing right now, and their debut CD Timbers has a lot to do with that.

close talker timbers

The album opens with feedback squalls and drones before veering into strummy guitar lines that are bolstered by some beautifully toned bass muscles.

Timbers is a roadmap that doesn’t shy away from the peaks and valleys of mature songwriting. There are moments when the tension is kept taut with slow builds and low simmers of guitar pedals among the one-off detours that keep things interesting. But the album’s best moments are typically when the band locks in together for the crescendoing chorus lines and backing vocals.

In addition to their increasingly solid live performance, Close Talker are destined to be the next prairies band in line to gain momentum on a national level.

They are also among the list of bands who have made the CBC Searchlight National Long List.

Following extensive (and exhaustive?) rounds of voting online, the Saskatoon four-piece emerged victorious from the Regional Top Five round.

Voting for the National Long List closes Sunday, March 17. Click HERE to vote.