Pick of the Weekend: Prairie Roots Revue

The Prairie Roots Revue has been touted as an “old timey” return to the traveling way of life for past musicians. However, due to factors such as limited fuel/vehicle resources, concentrated audiences and a genuine appreciation for all things indie and agrarian, I would conjecture that the tour is actually the future for touring musicians.

In fact, the format should hardly be limited to just the folk genre. Kids across Saskatchewan would love to hear punk rock, dance, indie and metal. I say more bands adopt this idea and make some two hour drives. You could be onto something amazing…


Spearheaded by local folk soothsayer Zachary Lucky, the Prairie Roots Revue also features solo performances from Deep Dark Woods’ Ryan Boldt, Carly Maicher and Northcote. Kicking off the tour in Saskatoon’s Chris Church Anglican – I can’t imagine a better venue for this – Lucky and cohorts plan on playing solo and then, hopefully, returning to jam out some covers.

Once again, a brilliant idea that will hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Tour dates:

Saturday December 10th – Saskatoon, SK (Christ Church Anglican)
Sunday December 11th – Dauphin, MB (The Watson Art Center)
Monday December 12th – Winnipeg, MB (The Park Theater)
Tuesday December 13th – Yorkton, SK (The Fifth Avenue Cup and Saucer)
Wednesday December 14th – Gravelbourg, SK (The Gaiety Theater)
Thursday December 15th – Swift Current, SK (House Concert)
Friday December 16th – Regina, SK (The Artesian)
Saturday December 17th – Birch Hills, SK (New Grounds Cafe)