Shooting Guns Video Interview

Shooting GunsSaskatoon spooks Shooting Guns have released a video for their song “Public Taser” off their album Born to Deal in Magic 1952-1976 with the immaculate help of filmmaker Tyler Baptist.

The video, which bravely shows real-life scenes of partying with Saskatoon’s indie rock cognoscenti, features some cute-ish ghouls exacting revenge on the members of Shooting Guns after some Halloween mishaps.

Tellingly, just like the windpipe-crushing riffs emanating from the doom-y five-piece, it’s all reasonably evil in a oh-shit-I-haven’t-done-my-taxes-and-it’s-already-May sort of way.

Ominocity caught up with Baptist, who moonlights as grindhouse purveyor in Bad Monster Films in addition to dinking around in local punk bands Soul Mates and Eyebats, for a behind-the-scenes look at the party, production, parents and perversion of “Public Taser”.

Ominocity: What was the biggest challenge shooting this video?

Tyler Baptist: “Time. Always the biggest challenge. I only came up with the concept for the video two weeks ago and it was my goal to release it on Halloween so I stacked the cards against myself right off the bat. The whole video was conceived to also have kids playing the trick ‘r treaters but there was no way in Hell I was going to deal with kids for 10+ hours on a Sunday. Thankfully I figured out a workaround.

OM: Was it weird using your parents as the ‘grown-ups’ for this project?

TB: “I don’t think it was weird, but it was very last minute to get them to be in the video. There were supposed to be a few more ‘good people’ handing out treats in the video, and I had a few neighbours lined up but they backed out last minute. Nothing goes as planned, so you have to make do.”

OM: So what was the best part of taking on this project?

TB: “It was a very run and gun production, so the whole shoot was a blast. But probably my favourite part of the shoot was showing up to shoot the party segment, where we wrangled as many friends and cohorts at the last minute, and finding out they were actually all in costume and actually having a party.

“Luckily the beer ran out right as I was kicking everyone out so we could shoot the rest of the video, so I also got to be the asshole director.”

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Shooting Guns

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