Eyebats Government

Eyebats: Exclusive Download

Saskatoon’s The Eyebats are releasing their four song EP, entitled Who Made You Government Baby, to Ominocity for an initial exclusive download.

Eyebats Government

The archetypal break-up album, Who Made You Government Baby sprints through four tracks of punk rock powered by ex-girlfriends, socialist-era Russian Big Muff fuzz pedals, libertarian politics and the cheapest, strongest beer in the store. It was written in response to past relationships that began wholly consensual and ended undemocratically, with an unwanted reform into a centralized regime nightmare.

Concurrently, the four-year term has ended – the nation has repatriated and is once again sovereign.


Big shout out to Aaron Soulz who contributed bass on three tracks and to Jeanette Stewart who banged on a keyboard and yelped through the title track. Sounds captured and made sense of by Chad Munson. Facials/cover art by Jane McWhirter.

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