Big Nils

Download of the Week: Big Nils

“So many ‘Teen Age Riot’ jokes, so little time.”

If the recent news of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore’s separation has you mourning like I am, take solace in knowing that their teenage daughter is following in their No Wave footsteps. Coco Gordon Moore (along with Zoe Wardlaw on guitar, Lilly Daiber on bass, and  Sen Morimoto on drums) is the lead singer for the Northampton, Massachusetts punk band Big Nils.

Formed in 2010, Big Nils have just released their first album Sibling. It’s simple and lo-fi in all the right ways, filled with angsty vocals and repetitious lyrics – definitely the beginning of something great. My favourite track is the smug and catchy as fuck (ha ha) anthem “Herpes”. With the album clocking in at just over 26 minutes, Sibling spits on themes such as sex (“Gimme More”), high school prom (“Screamer”), STIs (“Herpes”), and rebellious teenagers (“Deep Dark Death”).

Obviously I had really high expectations when I downloaded Sibling, and it ain’t no Daydream Nation but I’m not at all ill-pleased.

— Submitted by Shavonne Tovah Somvong