Best of October

Pissing on the Prairies
Weirdly enough, when I wrote this article in response to an amazing show featuring Saskatoon bands playing in a barn, I immediately dismissed my review as “filler” and “crap”. Turns out you people like that sort of thing.

Weekend Show Review Part 1
The Occupy Saskatoon movement is still currently happening, but this was from a night when local agitators Reform Party rocked the shit out of Friendship Park one chilly evening.

Father Figures Interview
Local guitar-and-drums duo Father Figures promised us that they were working on a full-length album at the time of this interview – they better be still on top of that shit.

Fountains of Youth Download
Paul Kuzbik and crew have been faithfully releasing funk-tinged rock party burners for years now, but his latest material is pretty much the bomb. And free. Sweet, sweet free.

Violent Kin Interview
Maygen Kardash of Violent Kin is one of my favourite people to get band quotes from. “S.J.’s studio had mice and another week… he opened up his rotten, unplugged fridge and the whole place stunk like corpses.” That is pure indie rock gold.