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Guttermouth returns to Saskatoon: Preview

Notorious California punk band returns to Saskatoon

Guttermouth, a punk band from California, are set to play at Amigos this Thursday, August 23. The show, promoted by JawBreaker Promotions and Fishbowl Productions, marks the first time the band has returned to Saskatoon since lead singer Mark Adkins was banned from the country for eighteen months on charges of public indecency after he exposed himself onstage.

According to Adkins: “oh, I was guilty […] What I would do is grab two young girls out of the audience and I would have them hold up this sheet in front of me, and Jamie, the drummer at the time, would say this magical incantation, if you will, and I would be standing there stark naked.” Combined with a drunk driving charge from the United States, the incident led Adkins to be arrested on immigration charges, detained for five days, and then deported, though Guttermouth would return to Canada a few years later.

-Taken from Guttermouth’s Wikipedia site.

Although the deportation held the charges against Adkins were later dropped. On subsequent shows in Canada – tours that did not include Saskatoon – the band would go on to sell t-shirts that read “Guttermouth says: Fuck S-ass-katoon” according to an article in

As someone who was personally at that now-infamous show at Louis’ on campus, I remember mostly wondering why the band seemed so against actually playing in lieu of showing off their wieners. Tellingly, the rest of the night was a bit of a blur.

Regardless of all the past hubbub, we are quite certain that Mr. Adkins has learnt a powerful lesson, and will never, ever, ever show his penis to underaged kids ever again.

Opening the show are locals Filthy Senoritas and Mondo Trasho. Advance tickets are $15 and $20 at the door – the donation of a non-perishable food item will similarly get you in for $15.

-Photo from Guttermouth’s official Facebook page.