Feral Children

Feral Children Interview

Saskatoon’s Feral Children began inauspiciously as the lo-fi bedroom project of Ryan Davidson. Harbouring electro-loops with a Spock-like stoicism of etherealness, the otherworldly pop sounds would suddenly bow to Davidson’s psyched-out screams of “KHAN!” without the heavy-weighted dramatics of William Shatner.

Heady stuff, but on their first recording as a full band, Feral Children have released their most realized album to date.

“The focus still is and has always been to express through experimentation with contemporary music,” says Davidson. “The addition of the band and the particular people in this band has made the possibilities and flavour bigger. The ability is quadrupled and magnified. Technique evolved and grew slowly taking a brand new form.

Capturing the atmosphere of a drugged-out house party and making it howl with too-loud guitars and malfunctioning strobe lights, Feral Children takes sound collages and tosses them fitfully onto the floor with a howl and a yelp. However, kicky dance beats and unassuming bass lines somehow manage to keep the aural mess contained to one room.

Feral Children

“It was fun but it took a long time to complete,” admits Davidson. “Solo is quick and cheap. Band is slow and not as cheap to a certain extent. I love working with the people I worked with and it brought us closer together and I know we are all pumped and proud.

“Solo is lonely and introspective,” he continues. “Band is exuberant and intense. I love both.”

Despite Davidson’s admissions that Feral Children’s latest full-length was a bit of a process, he is quick to note that the band are already at work on their next record.

“We have begun to record a five song EP and all songs that can be heard at our live shows,” says Davidson. “These tunes are pretty special to all in the band as we collaborated and sculpted these tunes together. The new LP had Nathan Young drumming on most the tracks and since then we have acquired Bennett Dobni who changed our live set up taking control of the samples and loops. Bennett has also taken on the duty of recording this next EP, so the project has become a full band project and not just the pursuit of one individual.

“The EP will be done by January and we hope to get it out quickly after that, then we plan to tour rather extensively in the summer of 2012.”

Feral Children’s CD release show is at Amigos on November 4th with The Friends Electric opening. The band will also be playing alongside Mahogany Frog and Shooting Guns at Amigos on December 3rd.