I love music that makes me feel uncomfortable; songs that draw up in me a haunted tingling and nervous stirring in my guts.  It reaffirms a human element in music, which escapes most musicians under solo monikers who constantly pursue, but are never quite able to channel such a real feeling.  And rarely are albums as blatantly fallible as Carly Maicher’s “Hiding”.

Though a young woman, Maicher sounds like a wandering old soul. Her songs exude restlessness so distressing, yet enticing, with tortured compositions about travel, uncertainty, desire and the struggle of maintaining hopefulness amidst seas of hopelessness.  Recorded in isolation with a few close friends (including Saskatoon’s Zachary Lucky) on Grand Manan Island, NB and debuting it at the New Brunswick Summer’s End Folk Festival, Maicher’s songs are worthy of a download for solo highway drives or a quiet evening by the fire with a bottle of wine.  You can order a physical copy of the album as well, which is encased in sleeves hand-sewn by Maicher herself.

Carly Maicher will be performing in Saskatoon on October 1st @ Christ Church Anglican with Andy Shauf and Zachary Lucky.  Doors at 7:30pm.

Carly Maicher