Sexy Dreams

Your No-Good Cheating Mind: Sorting out Dreams of Adulterous Steam

Nothing can be more fun than having a sexy dream. Having dreams of a sexual nature about someone who is not your significant other, however, can often lead to feelings of guilt, especially if the dream is about someone who you believe is attainable. Having a sexy dream about Han Solo or Princess Leah is a guilt free experience because they are fictional characters who have had their youthful looks stolen from them a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But having a sexy dream about someone that one sees often and that could be a potential lover will always make one edgy. There are many reasons for this. Many of us believe that dreams are full of secret meanings and many of us use our dreams for guidance. If a person takes one of these dreams literally then, it may lead him or her to a break-up that may not always be for the best. This is why people in this situation should reach for more symbolic explanations to discover the meanings of these dreams.

The best interpretation of having a sexy dream about a person is that the person you are dreaming of has a quality that you either want to have yourself, or want your real partner to have. People often have dreams about a partner other than their sexual partner mostly because he or she is, currently, not having sex with his or her actual partner. The best way to remedy this situation therefore is not to run off with this dream man or woman, but to rekindle the sexual flame with your current partner. If your partner is not around to have sex with, then at least interpret the dream to mean that your body is just sad because it is missing out on sex, and continue being faithful to your partner. If you and your partner have plenty of sex, then it is possible that the person you are dreaming of has a quality that you want your own partner to have. Think of the qualities the person in your dream has and compare it to your current partner.  If there are some qualities that you greatly value that your current partner does not have, perhaps it is time to talk with your partner about what he or she could do to integrate that value into his or her own lives. Although one can’t change who a person is, it is likely that if your partner loves you and knows this quality is important to you, they will try harder to have it.

There are, of course, times when your dream may actually be suggesting that you need to break up with your current partner and find someone new. If you are very unhappy with your partner already or feel that they can not become the person you want them to be, then it is time to make a change in reality. It is not advised to break up with your current partner just because you want to date your dream lover, however. Dreams are often not entirely honest, and your dream person may not be interested in dating you.  As I know from countless experiences, dreaming of Han Solo did not make him real, nor did it make him mine…