The Challenges Every Educator Faces and How to Overcome Them

Every classroom has a unique set of challenges, but what does it take to overcome them? Teachers must face these barriers with confidence, and this can often be the biggest roadblock of all. The most common challenges in education are updated constantly, and ever-changing environments mean constantly evolving problems. Currently, some barriers to learning are present in the majority of schools all over the world.

Student Engagement

Engagement, of course, is at the top of the list. The issues in this area continue to be a hot topic from how to keep attendance levels at a suitable level to the actual lessons themselves. With teenagers in particular being so hooked on technology and social media, what does the classroom have to offer their fast-paced minds? They are used to quick moving content and constant entertainment, so learning environments have a call to action to match the pace. This is a direct factor that influences engagement capacity.

Classroom Bullying

Bullying is the oldest problem in the book, but it remains a major issue in educational environments. It is exacerbated by the aforementioned discussion around social media and other apps and tech platforms, and it is not something that will ever be completely eradicated. Learning leaders and educators must understand the biggest signs of a child who is being bullied and take appropriate action.

Young People and Mental Health

There has also been a noticeable decline in the mental health standards of young people, even as young as those in early years settings. This can’t be changed, but it can be noted and actioned. The most common mental health concerns are depression and anxiety, but the factor that is most alarming is exactly how many students face these conditions. Teachers must develop an understanding of the warning signs and be able to provide support or access to services.

Changing Knowledge and Theories

With rapid-paced evolution comes ever-changing theories. Educating is a role where the bar is constantly shifting, and the only way to combat this is to keep on learning. Professional development courses from a reputable provider like Bank Street College online make increasing theoretical and practical teaching skills easier, and the case for pursuing such a route is a strong one.

Effective Communication

Teachers, regardless of the educational setting and size of the group, need solid communication skills in order to hold the room and inspire engagement. The top challenge here is that teaching material is often restricted to a certain type of curriculum and creativity in the classroom is not always possible. It is very much subject dependent, but communication practices can be integrated into any lesson if you get to know where the weak links lie. Things like behavioral management, task initiation, and successful learning outcomes are all far easier with strong communication strategies.

Educators will always face challenges and barriers to student engagement. Regardless of the age or number of students, classrooms all over the world have problems that need addressing. It is the role of the teacher to bring a lesson to life and inspire a positive learning outcome and this should stay at the heart of education.

— Featured photo by Flickr user misskprimary, Creative Commons