What to do in Saskatoon: Jeremy Dutcher, Chastity, Holy Void

Jeremy Dutcher with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra

Polaris prize winner Jeremy Dutcher is a classically-trained operatic tenor and composer who blends his Wolastoq First Nation roots into his music. This Saturday at TCU Place, Dutcher will be performing with the SSO as part of his orchestra tour sharing his artistry with Canada’s classical community.

Chastity and The Sex Geckos

Chastity hovers in a space of oscillating urgency, both melodic and noisey, juxtaposing themes of collectivity and isolation. It’s also emo af. Come get down with the spectacle this Thursday at Amigos.

Ancient Pig, Holy Void and Ultra Mega

This Friday at Amigos. A show featuring a big pile of pals playing punk rock and every genre in-between. Expect it all to unfold loud and fast, furious and fun.

Pretty In Punk: Johnny Don’t, Trampoline and Ultimate Power Duo

The latest Pretty In Punk showcase features Saskatoon-based Johnny Don’t and Ultimate Power Duo, as well as Winnipeg’s Trampoline. It all takes place at the Capitol Music Club on Friday.