The Won’ts release new single in advance of Swamp Fest 2018

What’s the worst part about summer?

The end, of course.

That bittersweet moment when the temperatures dip, sweaters return into the wardrobe and swimming outdoors is no longer option.

Yup. That part sucks.

New Regina group The Won’ts aren’t going to change your mind about the changing seasons, but their debut single “Bummer Summer” might make you feel better about the forthcoming chill.

Okay, fine. Summer isn’t officially over until September 22, so technically this is still a summer jam. Regardless, “Bummer Summer” is enough sunshine pop to overcome the lite-layers of grime and grit throughout. A snarling platter of garage swagger and sweet rock croon, The Won’ts are an infectious new thing to get excited about.

And there’s more coming. Made up of members of Regina bands Library Voices, The Florals, Spationauts, Trash Hawks, Tiger Charmer, and LoveAct, the group promises to release their first full-length, entitled Weird Weekend, due out sometime later this year.

In a rush to see them before the first breathy blast of cold? The Won’ts play their first show this Saturday at Swamp Fest on Willow Island, and you should totally come and support a brand spanking-new band already firing on full-blast.