What to do in Saskatoon: Soul Mates, Slave to the Grind, Word on the Street Festival September 10 - 17, 2018

Soul Mates with Anemone, Chunder Buffet and Iron Eyes

Soul Mates are back from tour, but their time in Saskatoon will be short. Come see them now or cry, cry, cry later. Also, there is a bunch of pals opening and you should totally come, this Thursday at Amigos.

Slave to the Grind

Come grind your mind this Thursday at the Broadway Theatre, as Slave To The Grind, the first documentary on grindcore, captures the genre’s 35-year life span.

Word On The Street Saskatoon

Better bone up on your books. It’s time for Word on the Street, a festival that celebrates the written word and champions literacy. Come get book wormy this Sunday on Broadway.

DIY Harry Potter Butterbeer Night

Have you ever wanted to taste Butterbeer from the world of Harry Potter? Come get butter drunk this Thursday at the Farmers’ Market.

minivandal w/ Dr. Doak & HYV

Have you ever seen a horn-infused, high-octane party-machine? Here’s your chance, this Friday at the Black Cat Tavern.