5 Top Self-Development Blogs

If you are somebody that has a strong interest in self-development and the benefits that it can bring, then you probably spend quite a bit of your time working on this and finding valuable resources that will help you to achieve your objectives. There are all kinds of places that you can find great resources for your self-development from buying a best-selling book to using online learning modules.

Another popular way of driving self-development is to read blogs from influential, knowledgeable and motivational bloggers and here are some of the best ones around:

Life Hack – The motto of this website/blog is ‘Not just better but smarter’ and it is full of wise words related to business, work, money and life. The career section has loads of really good blogs that provide ’hacks’ or advice on interviews, communication at work, goal setting, motivation etc. You also have sections dedicated to mental strength, social skills and physical strength.

As well as giving you plenty of helpful tips on improving your career, you also have blogs on general life hacks that will save you time and money. So if you like reading London lifestyle bloggers, for example, it has some similar content as well as loads of other useful self-development focused content.

ZenHabits – If you appreciate the power of meditation then you will probably find ZenHabits useful too. Whilst the website is not a particularly attractive one and is not overly easy to use, the content on there is very useful for self-help/improvement. For example, blogs such as 8 key lessons for living a simple life, a guide to letting go of shame & fear and how to thrive in the midst of personal turbulence. This is more like a reading list of Zen related topics.

The 4-Hour Work Week – This is the blog from Tim Ferriss, who is a successful author and podcast producer. The New York Times describes him as ‘A cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk’ and you will see why when you visit the blog. His blogs cover 30-day challenges, entrepreneurship, mental performance and much more. He also has guest bloggers providing insight into the specialisms, such as leading sports coaches and other influencers.

The Positivity Blog – If you are looking for help with your mental outlook then a happiness and positivity blog like The Positivity Blog will be very useful. Before you can start to develop the other areas of your life, it is useful to work on your positivity and this blog gives some valuable advice like 6 powerful strategies to overcome fear, 5 powerful habits, tips for unwinding and recharging and how to overcome perfectionism. Blogger Henrik Edberg also shares his most valued resources as well as advice on how to set up your own blog and start working as a blogger.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich – The clue is in the title here and author Ramit Sethi shares his knowledge on a wide range of topics, including ones that will help you to make more money. His blog covers topics like selling your house, making money via eBay and automating your personal finances. He also offers plenty of career-related advice such as how to get your dream job, how to get a good performance review and psychological tactics to earn more. There are also some free tools that you can access if you sign up and provide your email address, plus guidance on social skills, productivity and time management. There is a wealth of content on this website to check out.