Mobile Phone Payments; Present or Future?

Paying using your smartphone may have seemed like futuristic tech just a few short years ago, but nowadays everyone is doing it. Whether you’re paying online or in a store, using your smartphone has quickly become second nature. This has become a thing of the present, but will we see this continue on in the future?

Mobile Phone Payments in Person

Some larger stores now accept mobile phone payments in person. This is great for consumers, as they don’t have to dig around for their wallet or purse before paying. This is also more secure, as it relies on biometric scans, like fingerprints, which are harder to get a hold of than a PIN.

As we see more card skimming and RFID readers in circulation, cards aren’t really all that secure anymore. Contactless payments make things easier for consumer, but this also makes things easier for those that want to exploit this system. Convenience can be the start of a much wider problem, as users get lazier and hackers work harder.

In some big shops in Saskatoon, you can already use your phone to pay. Larger stores can take the payments directly but basically any shop with a contactless reader can be used. If you have Apple Pay or Google Pay, then you can store your card information on your phone and use them here.

Mobile Phone Payments Online

Online fraud is a serious concern in today’s society and those that don’t protect themselves online are much more likely to come to harm. With an influx of new systems and scams to separate users from their credentials, it’s only natural that more payment methods are being pioneered to combat this.

While these payments can be trickier for users to get their heads around, it’s worth it in the long run. Attempting to control a breach of personal information is much harder than just using a safer payment method in the first place.

With these becoming more intuitive, many industries have adopted them to make their customers feel more secure. This has become prevalent in ecommerce and also on online casino sites. The mobile casino market is booming, with more people opting to play on this platform.

Thanks to so many casino sites vying for mobile casino players, these new technology options are adopted fairly quickly. There are a lot of casino sites out there that use this as a selling point, as their players want that additional security. You can see some of these here

We are becoming much more mobile on the whole, with the industry moving towards these consumers. Google has now switched to a mobile first index as a result of this trend, as they understand that’s what their users want to see.

Mobile phone payments in person and online are likely to skyrocket as the technology becomes more advanced. Being able to access payments all around the world whenever you want is a massive benefit for users, watch this space to see what will come next.