What to do in Saskatoon: Flaming Lips, Cherry Glazerr, Life in Vacuum June 18 - 25, 2018

Saskatchewan Jazz Fest begins! Come see the stuff, and then go see the other stuff. Also, some of it is free, so make sure you get a good wander going in-between the headline shows.

Flaming Lips

A show that’s equal parts psychedelic spectacle and freak rock rapture, The Flaming Lips are bringing their elaborate, spacey weirdness to the Bess Gardens as part of this year’s Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. And we think that’s pretty cool.

Cherry Glazerr

Once you finish blissing out to the Lips, don’t forget to head up the Broadway Bridge to Amigos for the double whallop of Cherry Glazerr and Wand, a bill of swirling guitar noise, delightful psych swagger and fierce rock.

Shabazz Palaces

If you are a Shabazz Palaces fan, then you are in for a treat – the Seattle hip-hop group are playing two shows back to back over Sunday and Monday. Come out for a more intimate set at the Capitol on Sunday before checking out their opening slot for Kamasi Washington on Monday.

Dead Quiet, with Hashteroid and Soul Mates

Remember Montreal hesh-hardcore act Barnburner? Because Dead Quiet has one of them! Come blast your Tuesday away with some thundering riffs and hazy punk rock and hardcore. Another Black Cat Tavern show.

Jo Passed, with Boyhood

One of the latest Canadian acts to be signed to American label Sub Pop, Vancouver’s Jo Passed creates whimsical pop songs that revel in off-kilter melodies and dreamy meanderings. Catch them this Wednesday at Amigos as they make their way to Calgary’s Sled Island.

Life in Vacuum, with Grey Light District, Praises and Yarbo

Toronto acts Life in Vacuum and Praises join local acts in an effort to destroy Sunday ennui forever. Or at least just this Sunday. Catch ‘em all at Black Cat Tavern.