Saskatoon music venue Vangelis is getting a makeover and a name change Say hello to the Black Cat Tavern

The corner of Broadway and 10th Street is about to get a new look, as Vangelis is officially changing its name to the Black Cat Tavern, starting March 30.

Don’t worry though – there’s still time to say goodbye. Just before closing for some renos and upgrades, there will be a farewell show/open mic set on March 25. And then it’s party time.

The Black Cat Tavern will be celebrating the grand reopening by flying out long-running BC-punk band Dayglo Abortions to help bring the noise, along with With Good Enough, Zelda BellaDonna and the Deadly Nightshades and SRA handling opening duties.

And, for anyone wondering. Yes. There will still be pizza. According to Vangelis promoters, there is also a Black Cat Pizza in the works.

Favourite shows at Vangelis? Silver Mt. Zion immediately springs to mind, along with all the MoSo stuff – Lido Pimienta blew the roof off the place, along with Hooded Fang and The Famines. Radioactivity also killed it. So did La Luz. And Hawthorne Heights… whhaaa? How did that even happen? Also, let’s not forget stuff like the Merch Swap, and the various Sound and Silence anniversary shows, and all the other events that felt like a genuine community gathering.

Tickets for Dayglo Abortions are on sale now.

Also, get stoked for pizza.