6 new Saskatoon bars and restaurants we are looking forward to in 2017

When it comes to getting your drink on in Saskatoon, there’s no shortage of places to get pickled.

With an influx of new establishments to drink at and places to eat, there seems to be plenty more on the way for 2017. Here are a few of our picks for some new bars and restaurants we are looking forward to checking out in the New Year.

Mana Bar

The themed bar trend in Saskatoon continues with the long-awaited opening of Mana Bar. Outfitted with retro video games and waffles with whipped cream teased to the heavens, this Riversdale-area lounge has been a long time coming, if the teaser banner was any indication. But now that it’s finally opening its doors, we are excited to sample a selection of drinks that will no doubt leave you feeling, uhm, pixelated. Also, Harry Potter-themed shots? Joy!

Leopold’s Tavern

It’s actually been open for a while now, but we still have yet to properly sample the edible wares of Leopold’s. An offshoot from a popular Regina watering hole known for beefy baskets of food and the occasional foray into live music, the Saskatoon version seems to be maintaining the reputation for the massive feed plates and all the crazy crap all over the walls. Poutine notwithstanding, we’ve also heard rumours of a taco night. Oh yeah, there’s beer!

Crazy Cactus

We’ve spent many a night at the Crazy Cactus before – or at least we think we did. There’s a good reason they don’t call it the Normal Times Cactus! Anyway, part of the charm of this Mexican-themed bastion of colour and cerveza was the out-of-the-way location in a tiny strip mall off of Ruth Street. So naturally when we heard the announcement that this south-side establishment was relocating to downtown with all the other cool kids, we were a bit skeptical. Then we saw the massive corner spot they nabbed. Not sure how the move will necessarily affect the vibe, but downtown could definitely use a few more places to get a taco. And as long as they still sell their signature Gringo drinks, we are so in!

9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company

They seduced us with their sass and growlers. They lured us to their location in the Farmers’ Market. Now it looks like this local beer brewer is about to strike out with a new location on 20th Street. And while we are stoked on the suds, we are similarly excited to see what they do with the space – we remember partying here with the BAM crew back when this storefront was an art gallery.

Melody Bar

Remember Walkers, Lepps and the Animal Farm? While the tiny slice of Saskatoon punk rock history that used to reside in the basement of a 3rd Avenue restaurant is long gone, a tapas bar has since sprouted up in its place. It also appears the music hasn’t moved on, as the bar plays host to some live jazz music. The menu also boasts some serious-sounding cocktails.

RIP Spadina Freehouse

A contender for best downtown patio, the Spadina Freehouse has long been an institution for the downtown crowd. Whether you were grabbing a power lunch or some powerful punch, the Freehouse was always a never-fail pick. And then it closed. Oh Freehouse, with your karaoke nights and your open stages and your minty, minty fountain of goodness, we will miss you. That said, knowing Saskatoon, whatever is coming next is totally gonna be the next big thing…

– Photo courtesy of Flickr user scottim, Creative Commons