Welcome to the Ominocity reboot

We thought about quitting.

We pondered going our separate ways, and pulling the plug entirely.

With staff taxed to the max with day jobs, night jobs, odd jobs, dodgeball tournaments, band tours, and adorable weiner dogs, Ominocity slowly became less of a priority in 2016. Articles appeared at a trickle’s pace. But in the end, we decided to keep going, to soldier on and get our collective butts out of our collective couches and get back to work.

Why? Some very nice people told us that they missed us, that they appreciated another voice in local media, and that we gave a crap about some stuff that no one else seemed to care about. And we super appreciated hearing that.

Ominocity.com is back. And there have been a few changes.

First off, we gave the design a little bit of a reboot. We also yanked the site’s user comments section (because who cares). But these changes extend beyond just a simple facelift.

While we plan on continuing our coverage of Saskatoon’s amazing local music scene, we’ve made an editorial decision that, going forward, we are likely going to have to spend less time featuring individual bands. Sorry – you are an amazing magical musical pony – but promoting individual bands isn’t on our radar so much anymore. We legit don’t have time for everyone.

In addition to music, we also plan on covering other things about Saskatoon that we are excited about. This includes food, drink, art, design and the every day magic of the things that make Saskatoon a fun place to live.

From day one we aimed to create content that was unique, and we still want to hear your ideas, your pitches, your bands, etc. So please do keep sending your thoughts to [email protected].

This reboot marks the fourth redesign since the site was first launched in March of 2011. Thanks to everyone who stuck around, and high-fives to all those who are just joining us in progress.

– Sincerely, Chris and Ryan.