Beach House’s “Wishes” is (still) the best music video we’ve ever seen

Beach House to play Louis’ on Sunday, September 28

Not sure what it is about music videos but there are quite a few out there that are total snoozefest. Not to say they suck, but so many of them never quite capture that spark of creative fire and cinematic climax.

Beach House’s “Wishes”, however, is on another level of visual debauchery.

Produced by Eric Wareheim and starring Ray Wise, who you may recognize from Twin Peaks, Robocop or Mad Men, the video is a literally giant aural massage for your brain.

There’s twerking cheerleaders.

There’s homoerotic water bottle antics.

There’s some kind of weird horse deity that everyone seems to worship.

There’s, well, Ray Wise looking kind of stunned.

Also, nunchucks.

And maybe we’re reading too much into this, but there also seems to a few underlying themes at play here, including men oozing testosterone (what else is new?) and the absurdist love we have for the spectacle of sports (meh).

Of course, all the grandeur and posturing is made all that much better by the song itself. “Wishes”, which appears on the Beach House album Bloom, similarly reverberates with pomp and echo-y swagger.

Which similarly begs the question: how are they ever gonna pull this one off live? I guess there’s really only one way to find out.

Catch Beach House live at Louis’ on Sunday, September 28.


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