Saskatoon Park(ing) Day 2014
Saskatoon Park(ing) Day 2014

Saskatoon Park(ing) Day 2014 Recap: Photos & Videos

Third Park(ing) Day festival embraces its origins

Park(ing) Day celebrated a successful third anniversary in Saskatoon last Friday with the street festival seeing a steady flow of enthusiastic attendees throughout the course of the day.

2014 brought a return to the festival’s political roots with a speaker’s corner allowing attendees to share their thoughts on the future development of Saskatoon and a kickoff lecture at the Roxy Theatre featuring Reid Henry of cSPACE Projects, a Calgary developer who constructs multidisciplinary creative workspaces. Park(ing) Day has also become more family focused with the addition of many parklets for kids and the removal of evening activities and after-parties allowing organizers to focus on the festival’s core elements.

Ominocity’s stage was relocated to the Little Chief Service Station on 20th & D which provided a beautiful space to catch some live music. We returned to a stripped down setup which primarily featured acoustic artists and solo acts. A big thank you to Kirby Criddle, K.W. Miller, Graham Tilsley, Mosaias and Anna Haverstock for sharing the day with us!

Aside from the brief spurts of rain the day was a smashing success! We’d like to extend a big hug and high five to everyone involved. See you next year!

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