CFCR unveils 2014 FM-Phasis Fest line-up

FM-Phasis to run from Saturday, September 20 to Friday, October 3

It’s that wonderful time of the year again when everyone’s favourite community radio station kicks off their fundraising drive. And subsequently, CFCR 90.5 FM has launched their 2014 FM-Phasis line-up, which runs from Saturday, September 20 to Friday, October 3.

Here’s a list of what’s all going down:

Sept 19 – Amigos – Zeus with Astral Swans, The Elwins – Kick off party!
Sept 20 – Amigos – Gunner & Smith, Dream Country, The Barrelmen
Sept 26 – Amigos – Shotgun Jimmie, Slow Down Molasses, Phalec Baldwin
Sept 27 – Amigos – Blackwater, High Kicks, Jumbo
Oct 3 – Vangelis – The Basement Paintings, Ave Sol, Autopilot
Oct 4 – Amigos – The Fjords, The Florals, The Foggy Notions

This year marks CFCR’s 23rd year broadcasting at 90.5 MHZ on Saskatoon’s FM airwaves. The “Loud & Clear” campaign aims to raise $70,000 for Saskatoon’s community radio station.

Which means that YOU need to step up and support this wonderful institution.

Confused on how exactly to do that? Thankfully those wacky radio-nauts have published a Complete Guide to FM-Phasis 2014, which outlines the many ways you can pledge your support, and undying allegiance, to CFCR.

Oh yeah. Like this year’s FM-Phasis artwork? Rumour has it that it was designed by Ominocity’s own Chrix Morix – keep an eye out for swag bearing this logo!

cfcr loud and clear