Pixies tribute band to play benefit for Saskatoon’s Broadway Theatre

Local supergroup to dust off ‘90s alterna-sing-a-long gems

We’re not too sure why, but there was really something magic about the Pixies.

Maybe it was the mercurial Frank Black’s howl. Or maybe it was Kim Deal’s ultra-cool chic. Or… the other guys?

Or maybe because, in true rock fashion, the whole thing was a brilliant trainwreck mess that threatened to go south at any given moment, including on stage. Which it more or less did multiple times.

In any case, post-Pixies hasn’t exactly brought the now-dated genre of “college rock” to its knees. True, The Breeders had that one really good album with a couple of those really good songs. And Frank Black’s “Headache” still stands up as a slacker anthem – except no one really uses the term “slacker” anymore.

The Pixies are still the bee’s knees. And some local musician-types want to remind you of that.

Death to the Pixies, a tribute act featuring Kirby Wirchenko and Alison Whelen of the Broadway Theatre, Zach Low and Derek Bachman, are banding together in tribute of one of the most important band of the ‘90s, with proceeds going towards the Broadway Theatre. Locals The Department Heads will be kicking things off as well.

The show goes down on Friday, November 8 at Amigos – you can pick up advance tickets HERE.

Ominocity recently caught up with Kirby Wirchenko of the Broadway Theatre for a chat on why the Pixies still rule. Also, bald dudes.


Ominocity: So why the Pixies? Do people still like that band? And will you be in full costume? (Editor’s Note – the band members dressed pretty normal, but the drummer did do a magic show, so….)

Kirby Wirchenko: Because there have been tribute bands to ACDC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, Journey, blah blah blah, for so long. We thought it was high time there was a tribute for “the other” type of music fan. Besides, they’ve had a full decade of being “back together” and have played in front of 50 times the audiences that they did in 1987 to 1993. That seems to show a relative interest in the band.

As for full costume: maybe. That would include a cigarette, some dirty t-shirts and some bald dudes. We can accommodate most of that.

OM: Can you give us a taste of what people can expect from the set list?

KW: We could, but that wouldn’t leave much to the imagination, would it? Short answer: more than 20 songs and every one a special treat for your tiny soul.

OM: Any other dirt?

KW: It is worth noting that Derek Bachman (the hardest-working man in Sask. show business) has dusted off his drums for this, and guitar wizard Zach Low has squeezed in this project amongst the 17 musical projects he’s currently engaged in. Why? Sure they like the Broadway, but mostly because they love the Pixies and felt it was worth putting in Herculean efforts to translate their songs.

Maybe at the show, we’ll tell the hilarious story of “the formation of the project” for all to enjoy…

– Featured photo from Flickr user “Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)” – Creative Commons.