Saskatoon’s Autopilot release new single: Download of the Week

Full-length album to be released in September

One of the surprise bands I caught at MoSoFest back in June was Autopilot. Having been together for almost 10 years – aside from when they took a hiatus – the Saskatoon three-piece are back playing shows and are in the midst of recording a new album.

Live, the group take cues from the ’90s and supercharge them, all pinned down with a tight rhythm section. And on their newest single “Last Play”, Autopilot show a refined sense of melody without losing an ounce of rawness.

Recalling various power-pop trio influences, Autopilot have developed their own unique sound within Saskatoon that defies being pinned down to one genre.

Ominocity caught up with Autopilot front man Marlon Harder for a quick chat on the group’s “comeback” and the impending release of their latest album.

Ominocity: What influenced your latest round of songwriting?

Marlon: Some of the lyrics were inspired by a short but dark period. At the beginning of the songwriting process the music was more stripped down with less guitar effect and we built on it from there. Matt Mayes comes to mind as a direct influence for the music.

OM: So what can people expect from the new album?

MH: I think that it will be a progression from the last record with some of the same elements. The focus this time was really on the songwriting. Although we are still in the process of making the record, it’s going extremely well.

OM: Any big plans for touring or album releasing?

MH: We will be touring a lot starting with a Canadian tour this October and hope the Astro Hotel will make it across the continent a few times. We are looking at a fall release but don’t have a definite date yet.