Songs About Regina: Reader’s Choice

Mike D. from the Beastie Boys name drops Saskatchewan’s capital city

Local bloggers once again caught with ignorance hanging out.

Yesterday Ominocity published an article entitled Top Five Songs About Regina. And several of our readers pointed out that there are more than five songs about the Queen City.


To our credit though, there still aren’t a lot of songs about Regina.

Beastie Boys – “Hey Fuck You”

The Beastie Boys once dropped a nod to Regina in their song “Hey Fuck You” off their album To the 5 Boroughs. Coincidence? Hardly. Mike D. of the Beastie Boys may or may not have hung out in Regina. D.’s wife, Tamra Davis, once filmed a movie, Skipped Parts, in both Regina and Regina Beach. While we have never seen the movie, according to at least one salty review, Jennifer Jason Leigh shows a nipple in a bubble bath.

And while Ominocity can’t confirm if the Beastie Boy did in fact hang out in Regina, it’s fun to imagine someone cheesing Mike D. off enough to write the loquacious kiss-off below.

Lyrics: “Kings County is my stomping ground / The Albee Square Mall, Brooklyn, Downtown / So don’t ask me to wine and dine ya / I’m from Brooklyn you’re from Regina”

Cobra & Vulture – “Pile Of Bones”

Montreal’s Cobra & Vulture, an indie rock band featuring frontwoman Amber Goodwyn who relocated to Regina, once released a tribute to our comparatively boring province in their excellent album Grasslands. “Moving to Saskatchewan wasn’t originally in the plans but I think there’s something incredible about having worked on a prairie inspired record for a couple of years and then unexpectedly living here,” says Goodwyn. She pretty much nailed it with “Nowhere”. Read Ominocity’s interview with Goodwyn HERE.

Lyrics: “In the driest fields / with the driest air / bones are built up high / fencing in Nowhere.”

-Photo from Flickr user “blythe_d” – Creative Commons.