OneStory: Saskatoon Startup Releases Storytelling & Interviewing App

Mobile app empowers ordinary people to capture high quality interviews

OneStory BeerOneStory is a mobile interviewing app developed by local entrepreneurs Katrina German and Dale Zak that encourages ordinary people to share their stories. The mobile app, now available for iOS, guides users through an interview process to collect their stories on love, loss and what makes them laugh.

Quite like a YouTube for interviews, the app’s goal is to connect people across languages, cultures and beliefs to create a rich visual history for future generations.

German explains “Musicians can use the app to share stories about their inspiration, first concerts and give fans an opportunity to meet the real you through video (with no editing required).”

Ominocity was recently invited to demo the app at OneStory’s launch party where we rubbed elbows with the mayor, stuffed our pockets with cheese and created this video about Nintendo and tramp stamps.

Did we mention they had their own custom branded beer?