Juno Red Carpet

Ominocity’s Guide to Getting It On at the Junos

Five things to remember at the Junos

The Junos are coming! Doy.

With the red carpets being de-shagged and everyone getting stoked for the events, awards and festivals happening this weekend in Regina, there are a few things you can do to maximize your experience. There are over 100 bands in two days in 15 venues in two different cities. However, the Junos is also an industry event. Which means you are going to be dealing with a swarm of people who are alien to the multi-venue events.

Derek Bachman of Rawk Entertainment Group (the producers of JUNOFest) says that there is one, really obvious way to make sure you make the most of your time at the event: the almighty wristband.

“A single wristband can get you into all the different shows. You also get priority access which means if a venue is full and as space opens up you will be able to get in quicker than those in the general public line-up.”

For more information on tickets click HERE.

Also, with all the music industry people descending into Regina, there’s bound to be some champagne parties kicking around, right?

“The industry parties are generally locked down pretty tight – that means you have the guys in the black suits with the earpieces who are making sure it’s a list only event,” warns Bachman.

“But Junos weekend is a crazy time and I’m willing to bet there are some parties out there that you could find your way into.”

In the meantime, expect to see over 40 nominees playing and a great list of Saskatchewan bands that are onstage as well.

Ominocity’s Guide to Getting It On During the Junos

Timing is Everything

Check the schedule, make note of who is playing and strap on a wristband before heading out to cram as much rock as you can. It’s quite possible that with so many different shows happening you likely won’t want to stay put in one place all night. In fact, you aren’t going to see everything. Which leads us to our next point…

Pick Your Battles

A quick Googling of the official Junos venues in Regina may leave you disappointed. Aside from some obvious clusters in different neighbours, not all the venues are within walking distance of one another. Similarly, if you plan on party-hopping all night those cab rides could get costly. Rather than making some inhuman attempt to see shows at The Owl, The Exchange and The Artesian, it might be a good idea to be strategic about the whole thing.

Unless you’re hanging out in Moose Jaw that is.

Moose Jaw can be fun, right?

For whatever reason, JunoFest is being extended into Moose Jaw. Which is kind of awesome.

According to our good pals from Greengrass Radio, “Moose Jaw is going to be busy this weekend, especially so on Friday Night. JunoFest 2013 is upon us and all ye locals are given the opportunity to potentially bump into famous people. Three Venues. Nine Bands. One great reason to pay a babysitter.”

Check out Greengrass’ coverage on Moose Jaw’s events HERE.

Know wieners? More like no wieners!

Regina sucks for after-hours food. The pizza is hardly numero uno, you risk a tapeworm siege on your ramparts and the chances of actually getting anything delivered after 2am is slim to none. Even worse, your chances of seeing an outdoor hotdog guy are about as good as getting a glimpse of Carly Rae Jepsen anywhere other than onstage with her many, many awards.

Sadly, your best bet is pre-packing a pizza picnic. Otherwise you may be forced to dive snout-first into the endless, fatty smorg of the local 7-11.

Keep your eyes peeled for after-parties

The Junos, and pretty much any fancy industry-type to-do, is notorious for throwing ultra secret after-parties. Sometimes there is free booze. Sometimes someone stupidly famous shows up. In either case it might be a good idea to keep your eyes on Twitter for the low-down.

Because snitches get loosened up after a couple of drinks.