Filthy Senoritas: Download of the Week

Local punks make good on giving away the grind

Saskatoon’s Filthy Senoritas, a five-piece punk group, have released a 10-song demo album, entitled Asombro! Espanto! Panico!, on their Bandcamp page for free.

filthy senoritas album

According to the instructions on the band’s Facebook page, just enter $0.00 when naming your price.

Or, in lieu of being a penny-pinching chud, you could just go ahead and give them some money.

On record the band lurches and grimaces with the grace of a pair of sandy panties, with the vocals and guitars indiscriminately alternating between sounding like buzzards and buzzsaws.

The songs are great, but the Futurama soundclip (total punk rock!) makes me smile every time.

Catch the Filthy Senoritas at Beaumont Records on Dec. 21.