Saskatoon Park(ing) Day

Ominocity’s Guide to Saskatoon Park(ing) Day

Everything you need to know about Park(ing) Day and why it is important for Saskatoon

Saskatoon is changing. It’s no longer that quiet prairie city we grew up in. I bought my home in a suburb that didn’t exist just a few years ago and recently relocated my business to an area that was once considered to be one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in the city.

As Saskatoon’s population grows at record pace and new neighbourhoods are born in all directions, the city is at a crossroads as it transforms into the next major metropolis.

Park(ing) Day is a worldwide event that playfully challenges the way we think about public space as citizens take over parking stalls and transform them into public parks for one day each year. In Saskatoon, organizers are expanding upon that vision and designing a street that not only serves a wider range of transportation (cars, bikes, pedestrians) but also serves the community. 20th Street will become a vibrant community hub that serves as a focal point of commerce and culture as a parking lot is transformed into a public square featuring art, music, storytelling, yoga and games. Vacant buildings will become popup retail spaces featuring local designers and artwork and an exciting nightlife will animate the streets.

Park(ing) Day is not without its criticism though, many have protested that there’s not enough parking in the city as it is, and one loudmouth radio host has even called for a boycott of all businesses supporting the event. Saskatoon Park(ing) Day is not anti-car, it’s about building sustainable, creative streets that promote a high quality of life and attract residents, business and investment.

Plus, it’ll be one hell of a party!

Park(ing) Day Schedule

Saskatoon Park(ing) Day will take place on Friday, September 21st from 10am to midnight with activities located on 20th Street and Broadway. Click HERE to download a schedule of event programming.

Day Free face painting for kids CNYC & Bishop Murray HS Bring the kids for free face painting and show your true colors! Public square
10am-midnight Popup art gallery The Stall Gallery All day art show and sale. Reception at 7pm. Cash bar 4pm-midnight. New work by Crystal Rassi & local artists. 210 20th St W
10am-midnight Popup retail Saskatoon Fashion & Design Fest, Mix & Match Marketplace, Mane Productions Local fashion and jewelry store. Cash bar open from noon-midnight. Featuring local designers Laurie Brown, Sova Design, and artist Shannon Gauthier. 229 20th St W
Noon-9pm Graffiti wall YGW Professional graffiti artists creating new work and sharing their technique with kids and onlookers. Public square
10am-9pm Kids’ activity books (free) The Stall Gallery Scavenger hunts to take kids on an adventure through Park(ing) Day! Prizes! The Stall Gallery’s popup art gallery: 210 20th St W
10am-9pm Horseshoe tournament The Two Twenty Join the tournament or just have a game! Public square
10am-midnight Park(ing) Day logo installation Saskatoon Engineering Students’ Society Real-life installation of an upside-down car with a garden planted on top. Public square
10-10:30am Fitness class Freedom Functional Fitness Run, jump, skip, and sweat with the newest members of the fitness community! Public square
10:45am ScienceTrek Cycles Science Trek – Grade 8 Class The Science Trek talks about their incredible journey as bike commuters in Saskatoon! Public square
11:00am Discussion: YXE Urban Agriculture CHEP Samantha Benesh will talk about her experience with urban agriculture. Public square
11:15-noon Yoga class Hot Yoga on 20th Vinyasa Flow class Public square
10am-1pm Giant Literacy Games READ Saskatoon Twister & games that promote literacy while getting silly. Public square
Noon Dance performance Sangeetha Balasingam Bharathanatyam dance Public square
12:15-12:45pm Soapbox The Two Twenty You have 140 seconds to share why YOU think Saskatoon needs to be a sustainable, creative city. Public square
12:45-2:15pm Drum making workship John Sugar & Core Neighborhood Youth Coop Drum making and performance. Public square
1-4pm Storytelling for kids Saskatoon Public Library Storytelling and free books for kids. Public square
2-2:45pm Yoga class Hot Yoga on 20th Hatha yoga class Public square
4pm Hula hooping Hula Hoopster Performance and interactive workshop. Everyone grab a hoop! Public square
Noon-5pm Live music Ominocity 12:00 Rory Borealis
12:30 Karpinka Brothers
3:00 Carrie Catherine
3:30 Muse & the Buffoon
4:00 Caila Ellerman
4:30 Chad Reynolds
Ominocity park(ing) stall in front of The Two Twenty
5pm Live music Fountains of Youth Public square
6pm Live music Arms Up Public square
6:30pm Dance Kyle Syverson & friends Modern dance performance Public square
7pm Live music 911 Turbo Public square
7:30pm Dance Sangeetha Balasingam Bharathanatyam dance Public square
8pm Live music Kay the Aquanaut Public square
9pm Movie Roxie Theatre “Shut Up and Play the Hits” LCD Soundsystem documentary Roxy Theatre
9pm-midnight Live music Ominocity 9:00 Myles and the Blanks
9:30 Aaron Adair
10:00 John Antoniuk & Jen Lane
10:30 Sarah Farthing
11:00 Wooden Reverie
11:30 Misterfire
Ominocity couch in The Two Twenty
Midnight Afterparty Paddockwood & Reach Promotions Join us at Paddockwood’s new pub, The Woods Ale House, with live music! The Woods Ale House: 148 2nd Ave N

Note: A Park(ing) Day kick-off will occur at The Broadway Theatre on Thursday featuring lectures from internationally acclaimed architect and urban designer Ken Greenburg and the City of Saskatoon’s Alan Wallace.

Park(ing) Day Map

Saskatoon Park(ing) Day will feature over 30 registered park(ing) stalls. Be sure to check out Ominocity’s live music stage in front of The Two Twenty/Collective Coffee!

Park(ing) Day Map