Exclaim Magazine somehow forgets about Saskatchewan in latest issue

National magazine skips over Sask. in “Hangout Handbook” article

In their latest issue Exclaim Magazine has published an article entitled “The Hangout Handbook 2012”, which details indie musicians’ favourite places across Canada, based on region.

In a move that could be cited as “not really surprising to anyone”, Saskatchewan was completely skipped over.

When questioned over Twitter, Exclaim’s editor James Keast, who by the way is a hell of a fella, said that they were “missing more than one,” and added, “guide is not comprehensive, will add to it each year.”

Exclaim Magazine is a long-running national publication that is regarded as one of Canada’s premiere music authorities. Based out of Toronto, the monthly newspaper typically isn’t much of a prairies booster, unless Library Voices puts out a new album.

However, we here at Ominocity are willing to overlook the exclusion and publish our own Hangout Handbook – maybe someone from Exclaim will take notice and come check out Saskatchewan and see that we have plenty of cool shit to offer – well, at least as much as they have in Hamilton or Guelph.

Sask musicians: Any other staples to add?

Ominocity’s Guide to the Missing Hangout Handbook:


Nino’s – A late night restaurant located within close proximity to virtually every Broadway-area venue. Typically frequented by musicians and scum alike, Nino’s “poutine routine” is fast becoming a weekly event.

The Two Twenty – An uber-cool office co-working space that also houses Collective Coffee and Hard Pressed screen printing studios. A few blocks away from other Riversdale staples including the Park Cafe, Beaumont Records/Underground Cafe, Village Guitars and The Hollows.

Art Placement – Amazing art supply store that lacks the creepy Jesus vibes of big box art stores like Michaels. Also, let them know you are a student and get 25% off.

Meg’s – Cheap indian food, along with pretty much every other genre of eats, located near Lepps’ metal bar downtown. Major plus: Open 24 hours a day.

Check out a full list of Saskatoon record stores HERE.

Check out a full list of Saskatoon live music venues HERE.


X-Ray Records – Probably your best bet for vinyl record shopping, if you can find it that is. Tucked in the basement of the Tiki Room/World of Trout, X-Ray is a literal treasure trove of new releases and lots of interesting LPs that are mixed in racks with no discernible order to them. Next door to X-Ray is Vintage Vinyl & Hemp Emporium similarly offers a massive selection, with more modern LPs tucked amongst the endless moldy records of yesteryear. Similarly, the store also offers up plenty of patchouli and Bob Marley t-shirts so it’s got that going on for it too.

O’Hanlons – I’ve been told by multiple residents of Regina that O’Hanlons is the only bar worth going to in the entire city. Depressing! However, O’Hanlons does offer a fairly good selection of beer, excellent pizza and a massive stage for live music.

Value Mall – Home of the Value Village in Regina, the Value Mall also hosts a bunch of other similarly themed stores, where bargains reign supreme.

La Bodega – One of the best brunches around in Regina, La Bodega also boasts a great outdoor patio – watch out for wasps.


The Real Canadian Liquor Store – If you are touring from Edmonton to Saskatoon, this is your last chance to enjoy cheap Alberta beer. Highly recommended.