Saskatoon organizers host Twitter social: #YXETweetup

Winston’s Pub to host local Tweetup on August 30

It’s where the elite come to meet and Tweet.

Organizers from Saskatoon and Regina have teamed up to host a local “Tweetup” on August 30 at Winston’s Pub, located at 243 21st Street East, Saskatoon.

For those not in the know, a Tweetup is a real life event where people on Twitter come together to meet in person. Participants typically only know one another virtually.

Organizer Steve Gatzke – @saskgatz on Twitter – says that uniting the local Twitter community is an idea that was inspired by other Tweetups happening elsewhere in the province.

“The only real purpose of the Tweetup is for those of us who enjoy tweeting to meet in person,” says Gatzke, who adds that the event is not for profit. “I have been watching the tweets from Regina regarding their tweet-ups and it looked like it would be a lot of fun. I have been mulling the idea around for a while and the last time I threw it out there Lise Merle from Regina was interested. She has a much larger following than I do, so we leveraged her following and contacts and the rest just fell into place.”

Lise Merle – @LiseMerle – lit the Twitterverse on fire when she began live Tweeting an affair that happened at an Earl’s in Regina. She now has over 1,200 followers.

The Tweetup is already attracting scores of people, including local celebrities like John Gormley, who is actively promoting the event. Additionally, the organizers have added Saskatoon musician Sarah Farthing to the bill.

“We’ll be bringing together people from very diverse backgrounds,” says Gatzke. “Maybe there will be some new friendships made, maybe some new business partnerships made. When you get a group of people together like this, who knows what could happen. Just people getting together for a beer – it just so happens that many of these people have never met face-to-face.”

Gatzke says that he originally planned to hold the event at The Woods, a new Saskatoon pub on 2nd Ave, but had to change the venue to Winston’s due to complications. However, the organizers say that the new location can host up to 250 people.

“The response has been amazing, way better than I expected,” says Gatzke. “I was hoping to maybe get 40 or 50 people signed up. I would imagine by the time the event actually takes place we will have over 100 signed up.”

The event is free and is open for anyone to come and participate – Gatzke says to RSVP at him or Merle on Twitter.

For those who are unable to attend follow #YXETweetup on Twitter for what will no doubt be a crushingly awesome time. In the meantime, follow the Sask Tweetups Facebook page for more breaking information.

Concurrently, Ominocity founders Chris Morin – @chrixmorix – and Ryan Smith – @rsmith – plan on being in attendance, so please come say “hi.”

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