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Ominocity Presents: New Local Music Wednesday

Saskatoon’s Young Benjamins, Economics and Strangers release new music

Sweet sassy, everyone in Saskatoon is releasing new music. And, not surprisingly, it all rules.

In fact, with so many bands releasing new material, it has been something of a challenge to keep up. So, rather than fall behind and be jerks, we are simply lumping these amazing acts together in the hopes that you appreciate them all for the different things they do. Seriously.


First up is a track from Saskatoon’s Economics aka Dean Summach, who has released a dreamy dance track titled “Renegades”. It’s actually kind of a bit of a banger, albeit one with lots of exaggerated hip tosses and snapping fingers overtop of one’s head. The best part comes at 2:18 of the track when there is a beep not unlike the one made by my Hyundai Accent when I forget to turn the headlights off.

Young Benjamins

Next we have a new single from the Young Benjamins, who are fresh off their appearance at GrilledCheesaPolooza in Kindersley. And some other shows on tour I guess. The track, titled “Bones”, is bouncy without being overbearing – dare I say it is adorable? The he-said/she-said vocals are pretty much the best.


Strangers have also released a six-song EP of tech-laden metal core that combines bludgeoning rhythms, growly vocals and some amazingly catchy guitars. We’d say more but we are waiting on an interview with drummer Kirk Kitzul, so maybe he’ll read this and wise up. Also, you should also follow @kirkparties on Twitter – he says a lot of weirdly amazing, and concise, stuff.