Ominocity’s Guide to GrilledCheesaPolooza

Small town Saskatchewan hosts bizarro music festival

GrilledCheesaPolooza is set to take place in Kindersley, Saskatchewan this Saturday, June 23 at the Norman Ritchie Community Centre, 1023 1st Street West, Kindersley.

File this one under “weird”: I can barely tell what this one is about, but here is what we have gathered from the sparse amount of information on the GCP Facebook page.

Colour me mildly intrigued – I’ve barely heard of any of these bands.

In addition to a bizarre list of bands playing in a small town in Saskatchewan – Kindersley isn’t typically known for its contribution to the arts, indie music or being anything other than a place to pee on the way to Alberta – GrilledCheesaPolooza apparently also boasts a photo booth, bear wrestling, rocket ships and, of course, a grilled cheese eating contest.

I like at least three of those things.

Back in the day, my band used to play small town shows in North Battleford, Nipawin, Prince Albert and Spiritwood. Those gigs seemed to sum up what life in small town Saskatchewan was all about back then: a few weird kids wanted to see some punk rock and their many scary counterparts would interject to beat on the punks, freaks and the unordinary.

Naturally, with those memories still in intact, this festival sounds so freaking bizarre that Ominocity plans on heading out and reveling in the mayhem in person.

Here is a list of the following performers at GCP:

Kelton Doraty
Janelle Moskalyk
Curtis Ehresman
Bay and Rails
Soft Cotton
Only Poets
Young Benjamins
The Basement Paintings
The Dirty Sauce

Colour me mildly intrigued – I’ve barely heard of any of these bands.

However, for a good taste of how weird/awesome this might be, be sure to watch the video below – for those of you who are far too busy to watch the entirety of this :54 second video you can just go ahead and skip to the :37 mark.


Check back next week for photos, videos and a word-for-word rundown on the weirdiocity of GrilledCheesaPolooza.