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Ominocity’s Guide to Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

Sask Jazz Fest to run from June 22 to July 1

The Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, long a staple of the city’s music scene, is set to begin this weekend, and features headliners such as Feist, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Timber Timbre, Hooded Fang, Elliot Brood and The Roots.

Even better, the festival draws on local talent, such as We Were Lovers and the Don Griffith Quartet among others.

Rejoice Saskatoon; summer is officially here.


Situated in various downtown and Broadway venues – the riverbank takes on the brunt of the acts as the Bessborough Gardens transforms into an amazing venue, the Jazz Fest unites the entire city in featuring acts that extend far beyond the jazz genre. And really, most people I know, jazz lovers included, usually aren’t overly excited for the actual “jazz” acts anyway.

Rejoice Saskatoon; summer is officially here.

However, despite acts such as Feist already selling out, many of the shows are either reasonably priced or else – gasp! – are free.

In fact, Ominocity could go so far as to suggest mixing up a jar-full of secret caesar and heading to the Kiwanis Memorial Park and soaking it all in. But we’ll leave that up to the deadbeats.

Expect additional reviews and photo essays to trickle in from Ominocity over the course of the next few weeks.

For more info on the Sask Jazz Fest, including a schedule and additional acts, click HERE.